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THE SUMMIT Ring in Gold with Watermelon Tourmaline 1

$619.00 $775.00

Inspired by stained glass and light, Our SUMMIT ring is a stackable ring with a slice of Watermelon Tourmaline set into the ring base. Each gem is hand selected to allow light to flow through the stone revealing its beauty. Then each is hand cut, polished and carefully set. The natural raw edge of the gem is maintained and featured so each ring is unique. Ring is 10ct gold. 

  • Size: 7.5 other Sizes available upon request.
  • Color: pink/gold

Hand Made in California


The watermelon tourmaline is a rare variety that displays three different colors in the same crystal - green (the skin of the watermelon), pink (the sweet fruit) and white (the rind). As in the gem stone Ametrine, the colors of the watermelon tourmaline occur 100% naturally. This is a rare occurrence in nature.


Healing properties of watermelon tourmaline

All of the tourmalines are used for their strong healing energies. The watermelon variety is used by crystal healers to encourage a calm, centered state of mind.




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